I have always been interested in language and how people use it. My first degree was in Classics from Somerville College, Oxford, where I studied Latin and Greek language literature and history. After Latin and Greek, most other languages are easier to learn! I’m also familiar with  French and Italian. As well as my Classics qualification I have an MSc in Organisational Behaviour, or the study of psychology at work, and am a Member of the British Psychological Society.

After some years working as a Human Resource Manager I became a university lecturer teaching business subjects such as people management, organisational change, and training and development. I obtained my own PhD in 2007, having studied the impact of cultural change on Episcopal churches. Over the years I supervised many student research projects and was able to help students at undergraduate and postgraduate level to improve their work significantly by helping them to develop better skills of writing and comprehension.

Now I am semi-retired I write regularly for the press and media and for my own interest. I am still fascinated by language and enjoy helping others to develop their language skills.